1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Research-Related Activities

Research-Related Activities
UNRISD complements its research projects with a broad palette of outreach and networking activities which serve to leverage complementarities and connections across all programme areas, raise the Institute's visibility and increase the usefulness of our work to stakeholders.

Largely designed on shorter time scales than our in-depth research projects, they allow us to respond rapidly and creatively to emerging concerns, topical issues, pressing priorities and specific demands for knowledge-sharing. Research-related activities range from requests for research collaboration to special events and conferences, as well as our regular Seminar Series. Some examples are listed below.


Policy Innovations for Transformative Social Change: UNRISD Flagship Report 2016

50th Anniversary:

UNRISD Seminar Series

Young Scholars Think Piece Series

Development Forums for the G20

Transformative Social Policy Knowledge and Practice Network

Photo credit: UN Photo/Cia Pak.