1963-2013 - 50 years of Research for Social Change

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Our Current Network of Researchers

Every year, UNRISD mobilises a global network of scholars. In 2007–2010, this was estimated to be 450 scholars, of whom 45 per cent were from the South and nearly half women. During this period, almost 20 per cent of collaborating researchers were commissioned on the basis of open competition.

Working with and through country-level research teams not only ensures that empirical findings are grounded in local realities, but also builds research capacity and knowledge. Many scholars are brought into this network through short-term collaborations on specific projects. The UNRISD network also includes scholars who regularly exchanged and engaged with the Institute as part of a broad “community of practice” around social development.

Researchers from the South, in particular, appreciate the access this affords them to wider research (including South-South) networks; activities such as methodology workshops and comparative studies which expose young researchers to new methods and debates; and a platform for promoting work on the global stage and, in particular, within the United Nations system.

UNRISD also strengthens research capacity and knowledge through engagement with scholars at its offices in Geneva. In 2007-2010 the Institute hosted four visiting fellows under a programme funded by Sida designed for experienced social science researchers from developing countries engaged in innovative social policy research. UNRISD also hosted a total of 110 research fellows, research analysts and interns from 37 countries.