1963-2013 - 50 years of Research for Social Change

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UNRISD maintains its autonomy to undertake independent research and provide a neutral ground for policy discussion by remaining financially independent of the United Nations system. We rely for funding of our core activities entirely on voluntary contributions from governments and other donors. In supporting UNRISD, core donors contribute to the assurance of a diversity of views and voices on development issues at the highest level in the global system.

In 2015, IPSAS-based expenditures totalled USD 3.144 million.

The following donors provided institutional funding to support the overall programme of work in 2015: Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

The following donors contributed to specific UNRISD activities in 2015: Brazil (Ministry of Health/Hospital do Coração), Finland (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), Ford Foundation, ILO, United Kingdom (Department for International Development), UNDP and the University of Bern.

Sources of funding for specific projects and events are indicated on the relevant project and event pages.

UNRISD is grateful to these funders for their support of our work.