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From Unsustainable to Inclusive Cities

Author(s): David Westendorff
Programme Area: Governance (2000 - 2009)
Project Title: Urban Governance
No. of Pages: 256

Introduction: Sustainable Cities: Views of Southern Practitioners, by David Westendorff

This volume brings together a series of eight papers arising from UNRISD research activities during the years 2000–2001 concerned with governance aspects of urban sustainable development in developing countries. These activities included the Network Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South (N–AERUS) 2000 Workshop in Geneva, Cities of the South: Sustainable for Whom?, Geneva 2000 (the five-year review of the World Summit for Social Development) and Istanbul+5 (the fiveyear review of Habitat II).

The five core chapters of this volume are country/city case studies written from the perspective of urban development practitioners assisting in efforts to achieve dignified living and working conditions for some of the most vulnerable groups in large cities of the South. The authors were asked to reflect on actual content of sustainable development as practised in their cities and how they personally would envision sustainable development for his/her city. What efforts, official and unofficial, are being made in the name of achieving sustainable development there? What are the shortcomings of the actors and institutions that are expected to partake in realizing this goal? What steps need to be taken to move forward? The remaining articles are by researchers who have worked closely with, or studied efforts by, the international community to influence urban development in developing countries.