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Back | Programme Area: Special Events (2000 - 2009) | Event: Ageing, Development and Social Protection

Ageing, Development and Social Protection

  • Date: 8 - 9 Apr 2002
  • Location: Room N107-N108, North Buidling, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain
  • Speakers: Cynthia Hewitt de Alcántara, Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Paul Johnson, Ana Amélia Camarano, Vladislav Bezrukov, Du Peng, Martha Chen, Tetsuo Ogawa, Armando Barrientos, Di McIntyre, Nélida Redondo, Cristina Gomes da Conceição, Verónica Montes de Oca Zavala, Nana Apt, John Knodel, Chanpen Saengtienchai
  • Project Title: Ageing, Development and Social Protection

Tuesday 9 April 2002

>> Session Two. Formal social protection and older people

· Is ageing an issue of social contract in welfare transfer, or generational conflicts? The case of Japan - Tetsuo Ogawa

· Comparing pension schemes in Chile, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa - Armando Barrientos

· Health policy and older people in Africa - Di McIntyre

· Population ageing and crisis in Argentine society: Analysis of the impacts on social and health services specifically geared to elderly people – Nélida Redondo

>> Session Three. Older people and the care economy

· Ageing in Mexico, informal care, gender, and reciprocity - Cristina Gomes da Conceição and Verónica Montes de Oca Zavala

· Informal care for older people: The African crisis- Nana Apt

· AIDS and older persons: The view from Thailand - John Knodel and Chanpen Saengtienchai

>> Closing Remarks