1963-2013 - 50 years of Research for Social Change

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Ira Mataj

Former Intern (Research)

Ira joined UNRISD as a Research Intern in April 2017. She assists Senior Research Coordinator Katja Hujo with the projects “The Politics of Domestic Resource Mobilization for Social Development”, “Valueworks” and “Transformative Change for Children and the SDGs”.

Prior to joining UNRISD, Ira received an Advanced Master’s degree in Public Policy and Social Change from the Collegio Carlo Alberto (University of Turin) in October 2016. During her Master’s programme she has conducted research on comparative welfare state and institutional transformation, gender inequalities and migration. Ira began an internship at FIERI, an independent research institute on migration studies in Turin, in April 2016. She has been working on the project “Low-Skilled Labour Migration” in collaboration with the World Bank in the framework of the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD).

Ira also has a Master’s degree in Development Economics from the Florence University. During this master programme she has acquired knowledge and methodological tools in conducting theoretical and applied research in economic development and poverty analysis with a particular interest in social protection in developing countries.