1963-2013 - 50 years of Research for Social Change

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Manuel Mejido Costoya

Former Visiting Fellow

Manuel Mejido C. began his collaboration with UNRISD in 2006 as a consultant for the programme on Civil Society and Social Movements. He then became a Research Fellow in the Markets, Business and Regulation programme. His research at UNRISD focused on the normative, organizational and operational tensions that exist among non-state – civil society and corporate – actors.
At the time of his association with UNRISD, Mejido was also an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Sociology and an Associate Researcher at the Laboratory for Social Research and Applied Politics (RESOP) of the University of Geneva where he taught courses on social theory and geopolitics of knowledge.

In the past Mejido taught, conducted research, and published in the areas of social ethics and sociology of religion in Latin America, Japan, the United States and Europe, and collaborated with organizations such as the RAND Corporation, UNESCO, Centre Tricontinental (CETRI) and ATTAC.

Mejido holds two Masters degrees and a Ph.D. in the human-social sciences.

Selected Publications (2007-2008)

“La importancia de actores no estatales: el caso de Chile,” Desafíos y oportunidades de la integración, seguridad y desarrollo regionales en Chile, Cristián Garay Vera, ed., Santiago, Chile: Editorial de la Universidad de Santiago, forthcoming, 2008.

“Ignacio Ellacuría’s Philosophy of Historical Reality: Beyond the Hegelian-Marxian Dialectic and the Zubirian Radicalization of Scholastic Realism,” Journal of Philosophy and Theology 17, no. 2, forthcoming, 2008.

“中南米における反グローバリゼーションの挑戦-チリにおける社会フォーラムのケース” [“The Alter-Globalization Challenge in Latin America: Reflections on the Chilean Social Forum”], イベロアメリカ研究上智大学イベロアメリカ研究所 [Journal of the Ibero-American Institute, Sophia University, Tokyo], 29, no. 1, 2007.

A Typology of Civil Society Actors: The Case of the Movement to Change International Trade Rules and Barriers. Geneva: UNRISD, 2007.