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Ji-Won Seo

Former Intern

Ji-Won worked at UNRISD as an intern from December 2009 to June 2010, supporting Shahra Razavi and Silke Staab on the Gender and Development Programme.
Ji-Won holds a Master’s Degree in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex (2009). Ji-Won's Master’s dissertation was an analysis of gender in the garment industry, which explored the reasons for and implications of the possibility of defeminization trend in the feminized Bangladeshi garment industry.

Ji-Won previously obtained an MA in International Development and Cooperation (with distinction) from the Graduate School of Ewha Woman’s University, and BA in Women’s Studies and Fashion Design also from Ewha Woman’s University.

Before joining UNRISD, she worked at the Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) as an associate researcher, undertaking studies of gender equality and labour issues in Korea. She has also conducted research for the Institute of International Trade and Cooperation in relation to women and trade development programme evaluation.

Her research interests included social policy in gender and development contexts particularly in the Asia region; social protection; and social security policy in the informal economy, relating to globalization, through comparative research methodology.