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Workshop Report from "Transforming the Developmental Welfare State in East Asia"

  • Project from: 2002 to 2004

UNRISD held a workshop for the East Asian project within the overarching UNRISD project Social Policy in a Development Context on 30 June and 1 July 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop was attended by the East Asian research team, a background-paper writer from the overarching project, as well as researchers from the Ford Foundation, ESCAP and UNRISD. At this meeting, researchers were given the opportunity to present, and engage in substantial discussions on, their draft papers. This served to increase the conceptual and theoretical coherence among the papers as well as intensify interaction among members of the network.

The workshop was opened by Huck-ju Kwon, who gave a welcome speech. His introduction of UNRISD was followed by his presentation of the wider research framework Social Policy in a Development Context. Kwon explained that while UNRISD has always maintained an integrated approach to social, economic and political issues of development, this project seeks to unify them further conceptually. From a wide perspective, the three imperatives of economic development, democracy and social inclusion can be merged into one goal, but a narrower definition is necessary to sharpen the concepts for analytical purposes. Studying the role of social policy in relation to these three imperatives is instrumental for this end. By taking social policy as its starting point, this project differs from other approaches, which start with economic development and include social policies as an add-on.

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