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Peace Week, Conference and TEDx: Knowledge on Gender in Demand

13 Nov 2015

The UNRISD Gender team is proving its versatility with three different types of engagement on three different issues all in the month of November. “It just shows how much demand there is from different quarters for the type of knowledge we are generating on gender issues and how particularly in Geneva we have multiple opportunities to spread that knowledge to different stakeholders,” said UNRISD Director, Paul Ladd.

Valeria Esquivel, Research Coordinator for Gender and Development, will first be participating in preparations for the UN Habitat III Summit, to take place in October 2016. The preparations take the form of a panel discussion on 18 November 2015 as part of Geneva Peace Week where Valeria will present on violence against or affecting women in violent cities. The panel, titled Tackling Insecurity in the City: Key Issues for HABITAT III, draws on the proceedings of the Technical Working Group on the Confluence of Urban Safety and Peacebuilding Practice, of which UNRISD is a member.

Second, switching to an academic setting bringing different stakeholders together, Valeria will moderate a roundtable and discussion titled Can Feminist Knowledge Be Codified? Interpretative Power and Conflicting Meanings at the international conference Who Knows? Circulation of Feminist Knowledge on Development and Gender Experts, being held at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, on 19-20 November 2015. Participants at the conference come from NGOs, international organizations (such as UN Women, ILO and World Bank) and governments, and include a number of UNRISD connections, whether former staff, collaborating researchers, seminar speakers or think piece authors.

Finally, UNRISD work on care was skilfully crafted into a presentation for the general public when Valeria gave a highly accessible TEDx talk on Time as the Invisible Dimension of Poverty in Cordoba, Argentina, on 7 November 2015. TED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation which aims to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation through events like this one on “Ideas that inspire and transform”. A video of her presentation, in Spanish with English subtitles, will be available on the TEDxCordoba site shortly: www.tedxcordoba.org.ar Her presentation also generated a number of local press and media articles:

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