1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Combating Poverty and Inequality
  • Financing for Development
  • Food Security
  • Green Economy and Sustainable Development
  • Gender
  • Knowledge and Ideas; Research in the UN System
  • Migration
  • Precarious Employment and Basic Income
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Social Policy
  •  New Directions in Social Policy: UNRISD Methodology Workshop (1 Sep 2015)
    In order to understand the nature of changes in social policy in developing countries in the midst of widespread economic crisis and uncertainty, UNRISD is undertaking a three-year research project New Directions in Social Policy: Alternatives from and for the Global South. This video explains the importance of this research with footage taken from a methodology workshop held in Geneva earlier this year.

  •  Reforming Pensions in Developing and Transition Countries (3 Jun 2015)
    In this UNRISD seminar, speakers discussed the pension system reform strategies and outstanding challenges of powerful emerging markets, as well as selected countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

  •  Teaser Video for New Directions in Social Policy (29 Jan 2015)
    "If we can't say it in five lines, we're not saying it" is how Smita Srinivas, TCLab Director and Faculty member at Columbia University, nicely summarized the importance of communicating effectively policy relevance at the methodology workshop UNRISD organized on January 15-16 within its New Directions in Social Policy (NDSP) project.

  •  New Directions in Social Policy: Towards a Post-2015 Agenda (24 Apr 2014)
    A panel discussion on the changing nature and challenges of social policy regimes in developing countries. With Per Ronnås, Jimi Adesina, Michael Cichon, Rana Jawad, Andras Uthoff and Sarah Cook.

  •  Welfare State-Building in Africa in Comparative Perspective (15 Oct 2014)
    Should welfare focus on the poor rather than on workers in formal employment? Some countries in East and Southern Africa have welfare states which go against the grain of much standard welfare thinking. Jeremy Seekings, Professor of Political Studies and Sociology and Director of the Centre for Social Science Research at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and a Visiting Professor at Yale (USA), draws on the uniqueness of South and East African welfare policies.

  •  Innovation, Human Rights and Feasibility: Development and Welfare Policy in South Asia (5 Sep 2014)
    Is there a common set of ideas and norms underlying development and welfare policy in South Asia? Is there a common political economy? Is a South Asian version of a developmental welfare state emerging? In this UNRISD Seminar Gabriele Koehler discussed this and other related issues, focusing on the new forms of social policy in South Asia—with its many inherent structural faults and failures.

  •  Pension Reform in China: Five Pillars of Transformation? (28 Feb 2014)
    In this UNRISD Seminar, Professor Xuejin Zuo proposes a five-pillar pension system that would greatly enhance the equity, efficiency, and sustainability of pensions in China, ensuring adequate retirement incomes for the elderly, and contributing to increases in domestic consumption, stable growth, and the construction of a harmonious society.

  • Social Protection and Social Security
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