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Social Policy 2.0: Responding to New Tech Divides

Welcome to the UNRISD Ideas Incubator!

This is a space where we take special care of ideas for new research projects. The idea on this page is still being developed: it is a “pre-project”, not yet fully fledged or funded. To join us in accelerating research on this issue, please get in touch!

This project will explore the impact of new technologies on poverty and inequality, and the response of social policies in the midst of new technology advancement. It will focus on social policy responses to new technologies related to digitization, robotization and automation, because these have significant impacts on industries, labour markets and jobs, and consequently, on the welfare of people in both developed and developing countries.

Join Social Policy 2.0 in the following ways:

Contact paul.ladd@un.org if you are in a position to provide
the financial support necessary to build an evidence base on these topics.

Contact ilcheong.yi@un.org if you want to commission investigative work to UNRISD;
you would like to co-design one of these project ideas in collaboration with UNRISD;
or you would like to join UNRISD as a
Visiting Research Fellow to work on one of these ideas.

Contact jenifer.freedman@un.org if you agree that these are important areas for research
and you want to help us gain support for them by spreading the word.

This research idea has informed the inquiry From Disruption to Transformation? Linking Technology and Human Rights for Sustainable Development. Be sure to visit that project page and read the latest Think Pieces on the topic.

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UNRISD does not receive funding from the regular budget of the United Nations. As an extrabudgetary UN entity, the Institute depends entirely on voluntary contributions to carry out all our activities. To join us in accelerating research on this issue, please email us.


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