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Submission Form for Young Scholars Think Piece Series

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Please use this form to submit a contribution to the Young Scholars Think Piece Series; Edition 1 on Extractive Industries and Social Development.

Click "Open in browser" to the right to download the form. It is a 2-page Word document requiring contact information about the student, a word count for the think piece and a short written endorsement by a member of faculty familiar with the field.

Save the form to the hard drive, fill it in (including the endorsement) and re-save it as [studentname].doc.

Both student and endorser must also confirm that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Please send the completed, endorsed form and the proof-read think piece to muresanu@unrisd.org by 21 March 2014 with the subject line "Young Scholars Think Piece Series".

Photo: Kent Yoshimura via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)