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Mineral Rents and the Financing of Social Policy: Opportunities and Challenges

Mineral Rents and the Financing of Social Policy: Opportunities and Challenges
Combining a theoretical approach with individual country case studies, this volume systematically analyses the relationship between mineral wealth, social development outcomes and social policy in developing countries. Chapters discuss how some countries manage to channel their resources into sustainable economic policies while others fail to do so; the factors that impede such investment; and whether boosting mineral rents can help promote democracy, social inclusion and economic development.

1. Introduction: Blessing or Curse? K.Hujo
2. Development and Growth in Resource-Dependent Countries;T.Gylfason
3. Economic Policy in Mineral-Rich Countries; S.Asfaha
4. Social Policy and State Revenues in Mineral-Rich Contexts; L.Hinojosa, A.Bebbington & A.Barrientos
5. Institutional Change and State Capacity; E.Dietsche
6. Mineral Rents and Social Development in Norway; H.Mehlum, K.Moene & R.Torvik
7. Mineral Rents and Social Development in Chile; J.Guajardo B.
8. Mineral Wealth, Development and Social Policy in Indonesia; W.Ascher
9. Has Botswana Beaten the Resource Curse? S.Pegg
10. Social Policy in a Mineral-Rich Economy: the Case of Nigeria; J.Adesina
11. Conclusion: Options and Constraints; K.Hujo

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  • Pub. Date: 30 May 2012
    Pub. Place: United Kingdom
    ISBN: 978-1-4039-4295-1
    Type: Hardback
    From: Palgrave