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Gender Equality: Striving for Justice in an Unequal World (Chinese edition)

From Chapter 2 – Liberalization and deregulation: The route to gender equality?

The macroeconomic terrain, and the degree to which economic liberalization—both international and domestic—should be pursued, rather than some degree of state intervention and market management, have been hotly contested issues over the last 20 years. The effects of liberalization on economic growth have been disappointing, and it has exposed millions of people to poverty and unemployment in the absence of effective social provisions and safety nets. There have therefore been increasing calls for interventionist and redistributive action, both to repair social distress and to reinstall equality in the policy equation.

In the debates on international trade and financial capital flows, restrictive monetary and fiscal policies, and in other critical areas such as privatization of welfare services, little attention has been paid to gender concerns. Feminist economists have, however, produced a thorough gender analysis of current macroeconomic trends and policies, identifying specific impacts on women and on gender equality. Before their findings are examined in the following two chapters, a broad-ranging description of the key areas of macroeconomic policy concern is presented as a starting point.

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