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Reclaiming Development Agendas: Knowledge, Power and International Policy Making

As world attention focuses on poverty reduction and good governance, Reclaiming Development Agendas,edited by Peter Utting, looks at why such changes in discourse and policy are taking place, what they mean for the challenge of forging development processes that are more socially inclusive and equitable, and what needs to be done to reclaim development agendas.

Introduction: Reclaiming Development Agendas; P.Utting
Challenging the Knowledge Business; S.Guttal
The New Buzzwords; A.Cornwall & K.Brock
The Search for Policy Autonomy in the Global South; N.Girvan
The World Bank as a Knowledge Agency; J.Toye & R.Toye
Knowledge Management and the Global Agenda for Education; K.King
The Quest for Gender Equality; G.Sen
Global Social Policy Reform; B.Deacon
Generating Knowledge in the United Nations; L.Emmerij, R.Jolly & T.G.Weiss
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  • Pub. Date: 1 May 2006
    Pub. Place: Basingstoke
    ISBN: 13: 978-1-4039-9494-3
    Type: Hardback
    From: Palgrave