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Racism and Public Policy

Description: In a time when racism is on the rise as a source of conflict and social justice has been increasingly demanded by the civic society, this collection stands as a timely reminder that to ignore the racial factor in the globalization forces is as mistaken as eliminating class analysis. The essays published in this book edited by Yusuf Bangura and Rodolo Stavenhagen supplement the literature of comparative race relations from the standpoint of the theory of institutional racism and its effect on public policies such as immigration, citizenship, security and policing.


1. Racism, Social Justice and Citizenship, by Y.Bangura and R.Stavenhagen

Part I: Racism, Xenophobia and Citizenship

2. The Historical Construction of Race and Citizenship in the United States, by G.Fredrickson
3. Migrant Workers and Xenophobia in the Middle East, by R.Jureidini
4. Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Nation State in Western Europe, by Jeroen Doomernik
5. Exclusionary Populism in Western Europe in the 1990s: Electoral Success and Political Impact, by H.-G.Betz
6. Policing and Human Rights, by B.Bowling, C.Phillips, A.Campbell and M.Docking

Part II: Racism and Social Justice

7. Poverty and Prosperity: Prospects for Reducing Racial/Ethnic Economic Disparity in the United States, by S.Danziger, D.Reed and T.N.Brown
8. Malaysia's New Economic Policy and 'National Unity', by Jomo.K.S.
9. Managing Ethnic Relations in Post-Crisis Malaysia and Indonesia: Lessons from New Economic Policy?, by K.B.Teik
10. The Politics of Land Distribution and Race Relations in Southern Africa, by S.Moyo
11. Intersections of Race, Gender and Social Policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Waihi I te toipoto kaua Ite toiroa, by T.McIntosh

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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jun 2005
    Pub. Place: Houndmills
    ISBN: 1-4039-4916-6
    Type: Hardback
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