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Development: Funding Social Change

  • Contributor(s): W. Harcourt, K. Ghimire, S. Prato, C. Agg, F. Vincent, E. Morena, S. Daroca Oller, M. Yilmaz, Britta Sadoun, L. Bornstein, F. Metsrum, M. Corsi, F. Botti, T. Rondinella, G. Zacchia, H. Tawil Souri, N. I. Abumustafa, A. Ahmed, W. E. Nwagwu, L. Diaz, A. Pradjasto, I. D. Saptaningrum, F. Sarr, S. De Paula
  • Programme Area: Civil Society and Social Movements (2000 - 2009)
  • Project Title: UN World Summits and Civil Society Engagement
  • No. of Pages: 144

This issue of Development, edited by Wendy Harcourt and published by the Society for International Development (SID), presents a set of research articles commissioned by UNRISD on funding social movements and non-government organisations (NGOs) in the context of the global UN Conferences and the World Social Forum (WSF). In the last years, Development has given space to actors engaged in the WSF and civil society movements that are creating new global political spaces for social change. Interestingly, in all of that debate little attention was given to the funding and how it impacted on the agendas being debated. The UNRISD offer for this issue of Development is both innovative and timely.

Contents of Volume 49, Number 2, June 2006

Editorial: The Politics of Funding; W. Harcourt
Introduction: Financial Independence among NGOs and Social Movements; K. Ghimire
Funding NGOs: Making Good the Democratic Deficit; Interview with Stefano Prato

Thematic Section: Finances, Autonomy and Civil Society
Winners or Losers? NGOs in the Current Aid Paradigm; C. Agg
NGOs, Social Movements, External Funding and Dependency; F. Vincent
Funding and the Future of the Global Justice Movement; E. Morena
Power Relations in the Financial Aid Chain; S. Daroca Oller
Donor Policies and the Financial Autonomy of Development NGOs; B. Sadoun
Systems of Accountability, Webs Deceit? Monitoring and Evaluation in South African NGOs; L. Bornstein

Dialogue: Continuing Debates
Global Poverty Reduction: A New Social Paradigm?; F. Mestrum
Women and Microfinance in Mediterranean Countries; M. Corsi, F. Botti, T. Rondinella and G. Zacchia
Marginalizing Palestinian Development: Lessons Against Peace; H. Tawil Souri
The Integration of Arab Emerging Markets; N. I. Abumustafa
Challenges and Opportunities of E-Learning Networks in Africa; A. Ahmed and W. E. Nwagwu

Local/Global Encounters: NGOs Financial Autonomy and Global Meetings
Resources for Creating Another World: Financial Strategies of the World Social Forum; L. Diaz
Turtle Eggs and Sustainable Development: Indonesian NGOs and Funding; A. Pradjasto and I. Dyah Saptaningrum
Funding of Non Governmental Organizations in Senegal: Constrains and Opportunities; Fatou Sarr
Brazilian Civil Society Structures and Financial Resources: The Case of Rio 1992; S. De Paula

Window on the World
Book Review
The World Social Forum: Challenging Empires; A review by Massimo De Angelis

Last Word
Where is the Money for Women's Rights? AWID
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  • Pub. Date: 2 Jun 2006
    Pub. Place: Houndmills
    Type: Paperback
    From: Palgrave