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Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana

Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana
This book examines how Botswana overcame the legacies of exceptional resource deficiency, colonial neglect and a harsh physical environment to transform itself from one of the poorest nations of the world to a middle-income economy. It reviews the interactions of economic, social and institutional policies and how these reinforced one another to significantly reduce the number of people living in poverty. In particular it illustrates how the chosen development strategies consistently tied social and economic policies to achieve, on the one hand, redistribution, protection and reproduction and, on the other, investment in production and human capabilities. The substantive areas covered include economic development strategies and outcomes; social policies and their impacts on poverty and productive capacity; income and wealth distribution; the role of organized interest groups in policy development; and institutional development, state capacity and politics.

1. From National to People's Poverty in Changing Policy Regimes; Onalenna Selolwane
2. Development Strategies and Poverty Reduction in Botswana; Happy Kufigwa Siphambe
3. Wealth and Income Inequalities; Imogen Patience Bonolo Mogotsi
4. Welfare, Social Protection and Poverty Reduction; Onalenna Selolwane
5. Basic Social Services and Poverty Reduction in Botswana; Keitseope Nthomang
6. Organized Interests, Development Strategies and Social Policies; Onalenna Selolwane
7. Developmental State Capacity, Poverty Reduction and Institutional Reform; Gervase S. Maipose

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  • Pub. Date: 18 Dec 2012
    Pub. Place: United Kingdom
    ISBN: 978-1-137-27016-0
    Type: Hardback
    From: Palgrave