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Implications of World Bank Financing for NGO and CBO Responses to HIV/AIDS in the South and Southeast of Brazil (Portuguese version) (Draft)

This paper was commissioned under the UNRISD project on Politics and Political Economy of HIV/AIDS, the goal of which is to move beyond simplistic analyses of "national success stories" to a better understanding of the combination of forces—political, corporate, religious, bureaucratic and public—advocacy—that influence HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, and mitigation decisions and responses.

This paper, which was revised by the authors in 2005, is based on research carried out in the South and Southeast of Brazil from February to May 2004. Since the identification of the first cases of AIDS in Brazil in 1982, the pandemic has become concentrated in these regions; the number of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) has also grown there in response to the impact of the pandemic. The main objective of this study has been to analyse the impact of World Bank funding of NGOs as a response to the epidemic in Brazil.

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