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Fostering Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Sustainable and Just COVID Recovery and Transformative SDG Implementation

Date: 7 Jul 2021

  • Time: 14:00-15:45pm EST / 20:00-21:45 CEST
  • Location: Global; Online
  • Counterpart(s): IISD • World Benchmarking Alliance • GRI •UN Global Compact • UNRISD • FEMNET • Danish Institute for Human Rights • Women’s Major Group • Geneva Science-Policy Interface • UNOSAT • UK Space Agency • Simon Institute for Longterm Governance
  • Project Title: Integrating Knowledge and Capacity Development for the SDGs (Bonn Programme)

Fostering Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Sustainable and Just COVID Recovery and Transformative SDG Implementation
Evidence grounds policy programmes in facts, allows the anticipation of potential scenarios, and fosters constructive exchange and collective decision making. Evidence-based decisions are essential for driving a sustainable and just recovery from Covid-19 and getting back on track with the SDGs.

This SDGs Learning, Training and Practice Session at the 2021 HLPF showcases sources of evidence in new tools, resources and knowledge platforms that can be used to support effective decision making for systems-level transformation amidst complexity and information overload.

Speakers from a wide array of sectors will highlight innovative and impact-driven solutions, including methods to measure national wealth, assess business and economic alignment with the SDGs, and the use satellite technology to track SDG progress and bolster disaster resiliency.


Introduction to overall concept and aims

Part I: Tools and Resources for Evidence Based Decision-Making (75 minutes)
  • Thinking Beyond GDP - IISD
  • From Fragilities to Resilience: Tools for Sustainable, Just, and Transformed Economies – WBA, UNRISD, GRI, UNCTAD, FEMNET
  • Leveraging geospatial information technology and satellite data to strengthen evidence-based decision making for sustainable, climate-resilient and inclusive development - UNITAR-UNOSAT & UK Space Agency

Part II: Behavioral Solutions for Evidence-based Decision-making (25 minutes)
  • Geneva Science-Policy Interface & Simon Institute for Longterm Governance

Conclusion and wrap-up

Registration: http://bit.ly/SDGsLearning2021Register
More information: http://bit.ly/SDGsLearning2021Session4

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