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Towards Universal Social Security in Emerging Economies: Process, Institutions and Actors: Methodological Workshop

Date: 9 - 10 Sep 2012

This two-day methodological workshop brings together researchers from across the globe to share their expertise on the extension of social security systems in different geopolitical and socioeconomic contexts.

The project analyses the efforts of selected emerging economies to move towards universal provision of social security, with a focus on health care and income support. It provides a comparative analysis of the political, economic and social drivers of, and constraints on, the extension of social security to all, and draws out the implications for poverty reduction, equity, growth and democracy.

Participants at the workshop will discuss which methodologies and analytical frameworks would be the most appropriate to situate the empirical and theoretical research in. To facilitate this process, the researchers will share experiences of the countries studied that have tried—either successfully or unsuccessfully—to make social security provision universal. The discussion will serve as a platform for brainstorming overall trends in these countries, key themes and central areas of analysis for the project.

For more information on this research project, please see the project page.


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