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Book: Shifting Burdens: Gender and Agrarian Change under Neoliberalism

10 Jul 2002

Since the early 1980s, in many developing countries, neoliberal policies have reduced the role of the state in rural development and shifted the burden to the rural poor themselves. But what are the gender implications of the new policy dispensation?

In this edited volume, Shahra Razavi and her colleagues explore some of the recent changes in rural development policy through regionally diverse case studies. In doing so they unravel the ways in which economic and social structures, institutions, and policy outcomes are affected by gender as a social relationship. Through empirically grounded case studies the contributions to this volume provide a critical assessment of some of the neoliberal and "gender and development" nostrums that have come to dominate policy thinking in recent years.

This groundbreaking book provides us with authoritative sets of contributions in which the authors challenge prevailing orthodoxies related to market liberalization, agrarian change and gender relations, and provide valuable new insights for both theory and policy. It contributes to our understanding of the complex project of bringing about equitable gender transformation.

Introduction, Shahra Razavi
Gender and the Expansion of Non-traditional Agricultural Exports in Uganda, Deborah Kasente, Matthew Lockwood, Jessica Vivian and Ann Whitehead
Land Reform and the Empowerment of Rural Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Cherryl Walker
"From Where Have all the Flowers Come?" Women Workers in Mexico's Non-traditional Markets, Kirsten Appendini
"Leaving the Rice Field, but Not the Countryside" Gender, Livelihoods Diversification, and Pro-Poor Growth in Rural Vietnam, Naila Kabeer and Tran Thi Van Anh
Impact of Microfinance Programs on Poverty and Gender Equality: Some Evidence from Indian NGOs, D. Rajasekhar
Making a Difference? Gender and Participatory Development, Andrea Cornwall

Shahra Razavi is a Project Leader and Researcher at UNRISD.

Shifting Burdens: Gender and Agrarian Change under Neoliberalism is co-published with Kumarian Press. Paperback, ISBN 1-56549-143-2, 288 pages, US$29.95

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