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New Book: Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment and Social Policy: Gendered Connections

4 Feb 2005

It is often presumed in gender and development theory and analysis that women’s entry into the world of paid work positively affects their status both in the household and in the public sphere.

Until recently the debate on global factories and export production has remained focused on women's individual experience of export employment—and the extent to which this represents a positive opportunity or gross exploitation.

In spite of the extended discussion of rights and citizenship in the global economy, little attention has been paid up to now to the implications for women's entitlements arising out of their pivotal role in export sectors. Whilst many assume that women's visible and crucial presence in key economic sectors will be reflected in the ways in which social policies are formulated, there has been up to now little empirical and analytical engagement with this question. This volume, bringing together detailed commissioned studies from six developing countries, aims to fill this gap.

Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment and Social Policy: Gendered Connections, Shahra Razavi and Ruth Pearson
Korea's Miracle and Crisis: What Was In It for Women?, Hyoung Cho, Ann Zammit, Jinjoo Chung and In-Soon Kang
The Impact of Export-oriented Manufacturing on the Welfare Entitlements of Chinese Women Workers, Delia Darvin
Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment for Women and Social Policy: A case study of India, Jayati Ghosh
Gendering the Debate on the Welfare State in Mexico: Women's Employment and Welfare Entitlements in the Globalized Economy, Viviane Brachet-Márquez and Orlandina de Oliveira
Globalization, Export Oriented Employment and Social Policy: The Case of Mauritius, Sheila Bunware
Reworking Apartheid Legacies: Global Competition, Gender, and Social Wages in South Africa, 1980-2000, Gillian Hart

Shahra Razavi is a Research Co-ordinator at UNRISD; Ruth Pearson is a Professor of Development Studies at the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds; Caroline Danloy is a Research Assistant at UNRISD.

Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment and Social Policy is co-published with Palgrave Macmillan, Hardback, ISBN 1-4039-3485-1, GBP50.00; 242 pages, 2004.

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