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UNRISD Alumna Silke Staab Wins the 2012 Elsa Chaney Award

11 Jul 2012

UNRISD alumna Silke Staab has won the 2012 Elsa Chaney Award for unpublished work by junior scholars. The award, given by the Gender and Feminist Studies section of the Latin American Studies Association, aims to promote, stimulate and contribute to the diffusion of academic studies on women and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Staab’s paper looks at social policy and gender in Chile. It examines how post-neoliberal struggles over the relative weight of the state and the market play out in systems of social provision by looking at recent reforms in the country. It also looks at how gender roles, rights and responsibilities are (re)defined in the process. If the state is indeed assuming greater responsibility for social provision, does this trend provide a more favourable context for redressing social and gender inequalities in access to economic resources and social benefits?

To download the paper, use the links on the right.


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