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UNRISD Podcast Collection: A Series of Podcasts Featuring Extracts from the UNRISD Conference on the “Social and Political Dimensions of the Global Crisis: Implications for Developing Countries”

24 Nov 2009

  • Press Contacts: Maya Yulistiani Minwary, Richard Warren, Véronique Martinez

On 12–13 November 2009, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) hosted an international conference in Geneva to better understand the social and political dimensions of the current crisis and subsequent policy and institutional reforms, and their implications for developing countries. Attached to this page you will find five podcasts that have been created featuring extracts from this recent UNRISD conference.

The first podcast examines the impact of the crisis on the livelihoods of those in developing countries and looks at the coping strategies employed by people affected by the crisis in the developing world.

The second podcast considers the social policy changes that have been employed at the country and regional level as a result of the crisis.

The third podcast studies the social policy changes that have been employed at the global level as a result of the crisis. This relatively longer podcast features in full the three presentations that were given on this subject at the conference.

The fourth examines the political dimensions of the global crisis and the fifth presents reflections on the future. It considers what will happen following the present global crisis and includes the views of three experts whom have been asked the question: Where are we going to be in ten years time?

You can click on the link labeled 'Podcast Transcript' towards the top of this page in order to access the five podcasts and their transcripts.