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New Book: Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights

26 May 2003

The contributions to this volume are introduced and contextualized by UNRISD Research Co-ordinator, Shahra Razavi. She weaves together the findings and arguments of contributions which look at the implications of the current neoliberal policy agenda for a number of specific regions. Topics covered range from policy discussions about women’s land rights in sub-Saharan Africa to land tenure reforms and women’s interests in Tanzania; and from new developments with respect to gender and land rights in India and Uzbekistan, to agrarian reform, rural social movements and women’s land rights in Brazil.

Careful empirical analysis is presented with analytical power and clarity. The papers are provocative, refreshingly original and richly informative.

Preface, Thandika Mkandawire
Editors’ Introduction, Terence J. Byres and Henry Bernstein
Introduction: Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights, Shahra Razavi
Global Capitalism, Deflation and Agrarian Crisis in Developing Countries, Utsa Patnaik
Policy Discourses on Women’s Land Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Implications of the Re-turn to the Customary, Ann Whitehead and Dzodzi Tsikata
Piety in the Sky? Gender Policy and Land Reform in South Africa, Cherryl Walker
Securing Women’s Interests within Land Tenure Reforms: Recent Debates in Tanzania, Dzodzi Tsikata
Gender and Land Rights Revisited: Exploring New Prospects via the State, Family and Market, Bina Agarwal
The Cry for Land: Agrarian Reform, Gender and Land Rights, Deniz Kandiyoti
Women’s Land Rights and Rural Social Movements in the Brazilian Agrarian Reform, Carmen Diana Deere

Shahra Razavi is Research Co-ordinator at UNRISD.

Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights is co-published with Blackwell Publishing. Paperback, ISBN 1-4051-1076-7, GBP 19.99, Americas/Canada 39.95, 296 pages, 2003.

Order from: Blackwell Publishing, 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK.