1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Jerome Cruz

Former Intern (Research)

Jerik joined UNRISD in May 2015 to work on the “Politics of Domestic Resource Mobilization” project. At the time of his internship at UNRISD , he was undertaking a Master’s in Development Studies in the Graduate Institute of Geneva. He holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics (Honors Programme) from the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. He also participated in academic programmes and events in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the United States.

Previously, Jerik worked as a researcher in the Philippines office of the development think tank Focus on the Global South, and as a communications officer of the policy reform organization Action for Economic Reforms. In the latter role, he served in the government-civil society coalition that legislated the Philippines’ Sin Tax Reform Act of 2012, which is today financing the country’s Universal Healthcare program. His research interests include the workings of transnational policy/institutional experimentation networks, with a geographic focus on Malaysia and Singapore.