1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Montserrat Miño

Former Collaborating Researcher

"Graduate and professor in Sociology, Master in Social Policies (UBA), researcher of the Department of Cooperativism, Social Economy and Self-management of the Cultural Center of the Floreal Gorini Cooperation, founding member of the Collective Solidarity Cooperative (Cooperativa Colectivo Solidario), member of the Chair of Management in Social Economy Organizations (Faculty of Social Sciences, UBA). She researches alternative forms of commercialization and consumption and has recently published in the magazine Idelcoop the article ""Revisar prácticas, promover nuevas realidades. Reflexiones sobre la sostenibilidad en la producción y el consumo desde el cooperativismo"" (Revisiting practices, promoting new realities. Reflections on production and consumption sustainability since cooperativism"". She has worked as a consultant in state agencies and with various civil society organizations."