1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Amy Merritt

Former Collaborating Researcher

Amy Merritt collaborated with UNRISD on the project Social Dimensions of Green Economy and Sustainable Development (2011-2012). For the project she spoke at the UNRISD conference on the issue held in October 2011 and authored the paper, "Incentives to Promote Green Citizenship in the Transition to a Green Economy – A Case Study of the UK Transition Towns" in Development (Volume 55, Number 1).
At the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, she was an independent consultant with expertise in research, monitoring and evaluation. She has worked with CARE, Save the Children and the Overseas Development Institute. She is working with community groups in the United Kingdom to support increased citizenship in climate change initiatives. She has over five years' experience working on a USAID-funded decentralization project in Angola which has informed her research on participation in the green economy.