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Yiching Song

Former Collaborating Researcher

Yiching Song collaborated with UNRISD on the workshop "Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism" (2012), contributing a presentation on women’s roles and collective actions in sustainable agricultural development, food security and poverty alleviation in China.
At the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, Song was a senior research fellow in the Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Science. She was also a professor at the College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University, and Jilin Agricultural University. She has been appointed as a visiting senior research fellow in the China Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture (CCIPA), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science. She has a PhD in rural sociology and rural development from Wageningen University (the Netherlands). . Her research focus on sustainable agricultural and rural development policies in China covering a range of several related areas like agricultural research and extension, biodiversity and related IPR and ABS issues, rural community based development and farmer organization, gender and related social issues etc.

Notable publications by Yiching Song include:

"Feminization of agriculture in rapid changing rural China: Policy implication and alternatives for an equitable growth and sustainable development" (FAO, IFAD and ILO, 2009)

"Empowering women farmers and strengthening the local seed system-action research in Guangxi, China." (with LinXiu Zhang and Ronnie Vernooy, in Ronnie Vernooy (ed). Social and gender analysis in natural resource management - learning studies and lessons from Asia, 2006)

"The feminisation of agriculture and the implications for maize development in China" (with Janice Jiggins, 2002. Leisa Magazine)

"New Approaches to Supporting the Agricultural Biodiversity Important for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods" 2002. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, vol. 2, no. 1.