1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Si Yeon Won

Former Visiting Fellow

Si Yeon Won is a legislative researcher of the National Assembly Research Service (NARS) of the Republic of Korea. She has been in charge of legislative research related with elderly policy and public pension system in Korea to support MPs to revise current acts and enact new laws since 2007. Her recent research topics are Korean social insurance, especially Long-Term Care Insurance and Korean National Pension Scheme. Currently she has special interest on active ageing policy approach and global perspective to future super-aged society.

During her stay at UNRISD as Visiting Fellow, she surveys on social policy research by UN Agencies and its implications for the Republic of Korea. After returning to home country, she is expecting to publish reports which deal with UN´s social policy research trend.

She was a research affiliate of the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) of J. F. Kennedy School, Harvard University in 2004. She hold her Master and Ph.D in Political Science from Seoul National University (SNU), Korea. She received an award of the Best Doctoral Thesis in Political Science of the College of Social Science, SNU in 2006. After she was recruited as a legislative researcher of NARS in 2007, she was awarded by the NARS Chief for her achievement in 2010. She was selected as a trainee for international training program of NARS in 2014.