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Supriya Garikipati

Former Collaborating Researcher

Supriya Garikipati collaborated with UNRISD on the workshop "Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism" (2012), contributing a presentation on the feminization of agriculture in neoliberal India.
At the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, Garikipati was a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the Management School, University of Liverpool. She completed her doctoral studies in economics from the University of Cambridge in 2000, after which she joined the Department of Applied Economics at Cambridge as a Research Associate. She moved to Liverpool in 2003. At Liverpool, she is the co-director of India in the World Research Centre and also heads the Development Studies Knowledge Platform at the Management School. She is an Associate Researcher at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance, a Fellow in the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, and an Associate Member of the Development Studies Association.

Notable publications by Supriya Garikipati include:

Jennifer Lee and Supriya Garikipati. 2011. "Negotiating the Non-negotiable: British Foraging Law in Theory and Practice." Journal of Environmental Law , vol. 23, no. 3.

Supriya Garikipati. 2012."Microcredit and Women's Empowermnet: Through the Lens of Time Use Data from Rural India." Development and Change, vol. 43, no. 3.

Supriya Garikipati. 2010."Misunderstood and Misused: Re-examining the Compensation Criterion with Specific Reference to Development-Induced Displacement." In: Hari, Mohan and Mathur (eds.) Resettling Displaced People: Policy and Practice in India, Routledge.

Supriya Garikipati and Stephan Pfaffenzeller. 2010. "The Gendered Burden of Liberalisation: The Impact of India’s Economic Reforms on its Female Agricultural Labour." Journal of International Development .