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Elena Barabantseva

Former Visiting Fellow

Elena is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester, and also a member of the Centre for Chinese Studies and the British Inter-University China Centre. In her earlier research she explored how the Chinese nation takes shape at its conceptual margins. Her book on this theme entitled Overseas Chinese, Ethnic Minorities, and Nationalism: De-Centering China was published in 2011. She has also written on the issues of Chinese modernization, development, ethnicity, and Chinese diaspora. She is currently working on how marriage migration and border governance intersect in the particular contexts of China’s cross-border ethnic minorities. She is the convenor of the BICC-funded research network on ‘Borders of Migration’, and in January 2014 co-organised (with Professor Antonia Chao, Tunghai University) a research workshop on ‘Governing Marriage Migration: Perspectives from Mainland China and Taiwan. She is spending two weeks at UNRISD (2-15 February 2014) on the BICC-sponsored knowledge exchange fellowship. During her stay she will work on her research article looking into marriage migration and the changing practices of border governance on the Sino-Vietnamese border in Guangxi Autonomous region and present a talk on this subject.

Main publications:
Barabantseva, E. Overseas Chinese, Ethnic Minorities, and Nationalism: De-Centering China. Asia's Transformations Series, London: Routledge, 2010.
Callahan, W. and Barabantseva, E (eds) China Orders the World? Normative Soft Power and Foreign Policy, Woodrow Wilson Centre Press/John Hopkins UniversityPress, 2012.
Barabantseva, E. "In Pursuit of an Alternative Model? The Modernisation Trap in China's Official Development Discourse" East Asia: An International Quarterly 2012 (29): 63-79.
Barabantseva, E. ‘Who are ‘overseas Chinese ethnic minorities’? Transnational ethnic unity efforts of the Chinese state’, Modern China 2012 38(1): 78-109.
Barabantseva ‘Development as Localization: Ethnic Minorities in Official Discourse on China’s Western Development Project’, Critical Asian Studies 2009 41(2): 225-254.
Barabantseva, E. “From the Language of Class to the Rhetoric of Development: Discourses of ‘Nationality’ and ‘Ethnicity’ in China”, the Journal of Contemporary China 2008 (17): 565-589.