1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Ignacio Saiz

Former Collaborating Researcher

Ignacio Saiz is a member of the Advisory Group for the UNRISD project linking Social Protection and Human Rights. He is Executive Director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR), an international NGO that works to advance human rights in the sphere of socio-economic and development policy. As part of its work to promote alternatives to fiscal austerity and a new sustainable development paradigm beyond 2015, CESR has advocated for universal social protection floors as a means to ensure the fulfillment of governments' core economic and social rights obligations. Ignacio has formerly served as Director of Policy at Amnesty International, where he oversaw the organization's first program on economic, social and cultural rights, and as Deputy Director of Amnesty's Americas Program, with responsibility for the organization's work in Mexico and Central America. Ignacio holds an LLM in international human rights law with distinction from the University of Essex.