1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Andrés Scagliola

Former Collaborating Researcher

Andrés Scagliola is a member of the Advisory Group for the UNRISD project Linking Social Protection and Human Rights. He is a political scientist with postgraduate degrees from the Universidad de la República (Montevideo) and Universitat Autònoma (Barcelona). Since 2010, Andrés has been the Social Policies National Director for the Social Development Ministry of Uruguay, as well as the Coordinator of the Social Policies National Council. He is also currently a member of the Working Group on Social, Economic and Cultural Human Rights Progress Indicators of the Organization of American States (San Salvador Protocol). As a human rights activist and public policy expert, he is specialised in social inclusion and care for children, elderly people, people with disabilities, LGBT people, people of African decent and people living with HIV.

Relevant publications for the Social Policies National Council are available in Spanish here: http://issuu.com/dnpsmides