1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Marjorie Mbilinyi

Former Collaborating Researcher

Marjorie Mbilinyi collaborated with UNRISD on the project The Political and Social Economy of Care (2006-2010), contributing a background paper "Home-Based Care and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania". She also participated in the 2012 workshop "Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism", contributing a presentation on continuity and change in the gender dynamics of agriculture in Tanzania.
At the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, Mbilinyi was a researcher at the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme. She is retired Professor of Education from the University of Dar es Salaam and has extensive experience in participatory organizing, pedagogy and research at national and community level, linked to feminist advocacy and activism. She is the founder of several feminist organizations and networks in Tanzania and Africa, including the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme, the Feminist Activist Coalition, and Gender and Economic Reforms in Africa, (GERA).

Notable publications by Marjorie Mbilinyi include:

"Agribusiness and women peasants in Tanzania" (1988, Development and Change, vol. 19, no. 4)

Big Slavery: agribusiness and the crisis in women's employment in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam University Press, 1991)

"Searching for Utopia: The Politics of Gender and Education in Tanzania" (in Josephine A. Beoku-Betts, Marianne Bloch, B. Robert Tabachnick (eds.) Women and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Power, Opportunities, and Constraints. 1998, Lynne Rienner)