1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Stein Kuhnle

Former Collaborating Researcher

Stein Kuhnle collaborated with UNRISD for the project Social Policy in a Development Context, 2000-2005. At the time of his collaboration, he was Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, Norway, where his major area of research was historical and comparative studies of welfare state development in Scandinavia and Europe. He has then extended his research to include comparative studies of social policy development in East and South-east Asia.
Stein Kuhnle has published widely and among his publications are Kuhnle, S., A. Hatland and S. Hort (2003) "A Work-Friendly Welfare State: Lessons from Europe" (2003) in Marshall, K. and O. Butzbach (eds) New Social Policy Agendas for Europe and Asia (Washington, D.C.: The World Bank); Kuhnle, S. (2002) "Democracy and Productive Welfare: European and Korean Welfare Policy Development in Perspective, The Journal of the Korean Economy (Vol. 3:1); Hort, S. and S. Kuhnle (2000) "The Coming of East and South-east Asian Welfare States", Journal of European Social Policy (Vol.10:2); and Kuhnle, S. (ed) (2000) Survival of the European Welfare State (London: Routledge), etc.