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Zubair Shahid

Former Intern

Zubair Shahid joined UNRISD in March 2013, to assist Katja Hujo in the Politics of Domestic Resource Mobilization project.

Zubair is currently a Doctoral Fellow in the School of Local Development and Global Dynamics at the University of Trento, Italy. His doctoral research explores the primacy of governance and state reform in establishing an inclusive democratic and developmental state. His dissertation builds upon the influential nature of governance decentralization as a reform strategy in developing countries particularly across Latin America and South Asia, examining in particular the role of bargaining and incentives in shaping the design and implementation of the decentralization reforms. Prior to this, he has obtained a Masters in Public Policy and an undergraduate degree in Finance and Investment.

Zubair has a four year research experience in multilateral institutions including the World Bank and the Global Development Network (GDN). In addition, he is also engaged in teaching and didactic activities at the Joint European Masters in Comparative Local Development organized under the auspices of University of Trento, Corvinus University Budapest, and the University of Ljubljana.