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Sungyoung Yoo

Former Communications and Outreach Intern

Sungyoung joined UNRISD in July 2009 as an intern working with Suroor Alikhan and Richard Warren on IT issues. His projects included the UNRISD Intranet, creating an online training manual for the website's content management system and creating a press office work log database. 
Prior to joining UNRISD, Sungyoung worked as a Business & Technology strategy manager at LG. His main job was developing new growth engines for LG.  Industries included energy, high-technology and e-Health. Examplary new businesses are environment-friendly vehicle parts and power semiconductor businesses. He also participated in planning nation-funded projects to develop high-technologies. Prior to working at LG, Sungyoung was an IT expert, dealing with software, hardware, firmware and system integration. He developed a web-based electricity usage consulting system which served hundreds of factories in South Korea.
He has completed coursework for the International Organizations MBA course at the University of Geneva, focusing on international relations and inter-governmental organizations. He also holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Yonsei University with concentration on energy systems. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Yonsei University.