1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Alisha Kalra

Former Intern (Research)

Alisha Kalra joined UNRISD in May 2018 as a Research Intern to assist with the development of the Beyond Binary: Safeguarding Trans* People’s Rights project. She is currently a final-year master’s student of International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. She is working on her thesis, entitled Ethnic Violence and the Puzzle of Why Ordinary People Participate in Risky Forms of Collective Action. This thesis is a case study of the 2014 Trilokpuri riots in India.

Previously, Alisha worked at India Development Foundation (IDF) for two years. As a Research Assistant, she contributed to projects aimed at strengthening civil society and women’s livelihood and skills development.

Her primary research interests are the dynamics of violence, gendered dimensions of conflict, social movements and peacebuilding.