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Carla Braga

Former Collaborating Researcher

Carla Braga participated in the UNRISD workshop "Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism" (2012), contributing a presentation on gender, small-scale farming and HIV/AIDS treatment in Mozambique.
At the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, Braga was an assistant lecturer at the University of Eduardo Mondlane (Maputo, Mozambique). She has a PhD and an MA from the State University of New York, Buffalo (USA), and a recipient of the Ruth Bowden International Fellowship. She has been a member of the National Committee of Land Campaign (Mozambique), a civil society organization; she was instrumental in obtaining approval of the law that ensured land rights to women in these circumstances. She also became a policy advisor to the Inter-Ministerial Commission that drafted the new law for revision of the land legislation. She has worked extensively on a variety of gender issues in both Latin America and Africa, as well as research on the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural communities.

Notable publications by Carla Braga include:

"Promoting Land Rights in Africa: How do NGOs make a difference?" (with Nazneen Kanji and Winnie Mitullah, IIED, 2002)

"Cashing in on Cashew Nuts: Women producers and factory workers in Mozambique" (with Nazneen Kanji and Luis Artur). 2004. in Carr, Marilyn, Chains of Fortune: Linking Women Producers and Workers with Global Markets. London, Commonwealth Secretariat.