1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Andreea Muresanu

Former Research Consultant

Andreea Muresanu joined UNRISD in January 2014 to assist with the projects on domestic resource mobilization for social development. In March, Andreea moved to the Director's office, where she has been providing assistance to the Director on issues related to research projects, including fundraising and dissemination of results. She also assists the Administrative and Finance Officer in managing, tracking and reporting on UNRISD Research Projects.

Having completed a Masters in Political Economy of European Integration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Andreea has research interests that include development economics, social policy and food security. Prior to that, Andreea completed a Bachelors in Economics and Labour/Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.

Andreea has worked in the private sector for several years on an SAP implementation project in Stockholm and as a Bilingual Account Manager in Toronto. She also worked as a Campaign Manager for a Green Party of Ontario candidate and in her free time, volunteered with underprivileged high-school girls in Toronto to educate them on environmental sustainability and nutritional cooking skills.