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Huang Ping

Former Board Member

Huang Ping is Director General of the Institute of American Studies, and Director of the Centre for World Politics, both at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He has a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics.

His nomination to the UNRISD Board was approved by ECOSOC in July 2011.

Mr. Huang holds a number of positions in academic associations or organizations, such as President, China National Association of American Studies; Vice President, China National Association of International Relations; Vice President, International Institute of Sociology (IIS); Vice President, International Institute of Transcultura: and Standing Committee Member, China Economic and Social Council.

Mr. Huang has been conducting or chairing research programmes sponsored by the European Union, UNESCO, China Social Sciences Foundation, and CASS. He has also been adviser or consultant for IFAD, FAO, International Organization of Migration (IOM), World Bank, Asian Development Bank, AUSAid, and DFID. He has been involved in organizing high-level international exchange activities such as the China–EU Cultural Summit 2010 in Brussels and in Beijing in 2011.

He is the Editor General, Journal of American Studies, and Deputy Editor General, China & World Economy (English), both published by CASS. He is also on a number of editorial boards for academic journals, including Global Social Policy, British Journal of Sociology, Current Sociology, Comparative Sociology, and International Migration.

Mr. Huang has published papers in Chinese, English, and some of which have been translated into Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Thai. His most recent publications include: Rebuilding Rural Community (2 volumes), Social Science Academic Press, 2011; and “USA: Changes in recent 10 years”, in Huang Ping (ed.), USA Year Book 2011, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2011.