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Ute Seibert

Former Collaborating Researcher

Ute Seibert worked with UNRISD on the project Religion, Gender and Politics (2007-2009). As part of this project, she wrote a country research report on Chile, and contributed the chapter "Democracy in the Country but Not in the Home? Religion, Politics and Women’s Rights in Chile" (with Virginia Guzman and Silke Staab) to a special issue of Third World Quarterly entitled The Unhappy Marriage of Religion and Politics: Problems and Pitfalls for Gender Equality (2010).
Siebert was, at the time of her collaboration with UNRISD, the co-founder of Con-spirando, a women’s collective working on eco-feminism, spirituality, theology and ethics. She was a member of the UNESCO Chair "Education in Human Rights", Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano. She holds a Masters degree in Education from the Universidad Central Santiago de Chile, and is a facilitator of seminaries and workshops on the topics of feminist theology, religion and sexuality, body work, methodologies for cultural transformation in different Latin American countries.

Notable publications by Ute Siebert include:

Virginia Guzmán and Ute Seibert. 2010. "Religious impact on sex education policies and on the introduction of emergency contraception." Politics and Gender June, pp. 1-37.

Josefina Hurtado and Ute Seibert. 2001. "Con-spirando: Women 'Breathing Together.'" The Ecumenical Review, Vol. 53, No. 1, pp. 90-93.