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Back | Project: Policy Report on Gender and Development: 10 Years after Beijing

Background papers available online

  • Project from: 2003 to 2005

For the preparation of its report Gender Equality:Striving for Justice in an Unequal World, UNRISD commissioned over 60 background papers, involving over 70 researchers from diverse regions. In the coming months, UNRISD intends to post most of the commissioned background papers on its Web site.

Below is a list of the papers already available online and in full text.

(listed by author, alphabetically)

Bisnath, Savitri. Trading to Equality? Gender Equality and Trade Liberalisation

Boyd, Monica and Deanna Pikkov. Gendering Migration, Livelihood and Entitlements: Migrant Women in Canada and the United States

Braunstein, Elissa. Foreign Direct Investment, Development and Gender Equity: A Review of Research and Policy

Doraisami, Anita. The Gender Implications of Macroeconomic Policy and Performance in Malaysia

Espino, Alma and Paola Aznar. Changes in Economic Policy Regimes in Uruguay from a Gender Perspective (1930- 2000)

Eyben, Rosalind. The Road not Taken: International Aid’s Choice of Copenhagen over Beijing

Ghosh, Jayati. Informalisation and Women's Workforce Participation: A Consideration of Recent Trends in India

Jackson, Cecile and Nitya Rao. Understanding Gender and Agrarian Change under Liberalization: The Case of India

Kofman, Eleonore. Gendered Migrations, Livelihoods and Entitlements in European Welfare Regimes

Laky, Teréz. Gender Equality in Employment in Hungary and in some other Eastern European Countries

Mackintosh, Maureen and Paula Tibandebage. Gender and Health Sector Reform: Analytical Perspectives on African Experience

Moghadam, Valentine M. Women’s Livelihood and Entitlements in the Middle East: What Difference has the Neoliberal Policy Turn Made?

Packard, Le Anh Tu. Gender Dimensions of Vietnam’s Comprehensive Macroeconomic and Structural Reform Policies

Steinhilber, Silke. The Gender Implications of Pension Reforms. General Remarks and Evidence from Selected Countries

Whitehead, Ann.The Gendered Impacts of Liberalisation Policies on African Agricultural Economies and Rural Livelihoods

NOTE: These papers are not formal UNRISD publications. The responsibility for opinions expressed in signed studies rests solely with their author(s), and availability on the UNRISD Web site does not constitute an endorsement by UNRISD of the opinions expressed in them. No publication or distribution of these papers is permitted without the prior authorization of the author(s), except for personal use.