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Back | Project: Policy Innovations for Transformative Change: UNRISD Flagship Report 2016

Policy Innovations for Transformative Change: UNRISD Flagship Report 2016 Global Online Consultation

  • Project from: 2015 to 2016

Thank you for having participated in our global online pre-publication consultation (Peer review “plus”!)

Prior to the publication of our 2016 Flagship Report we invited you to give us your feedback on our findings. We received analytical and substantive feedback from civil society, academia, national governments, United Nations partners and other International Organizations located in 28 countries. See an overview of the results here.

The consultation process is now closed. As a learning organization that aims to be inclusive of diverse perspectives and responsive to our constituents, we held this consultation to make sure our work reflects the needs of our users.

What Users Said

We have compiled the feedback and published it on our website. Click on the links below to see what people said about specific chapters and the overall report.

What UNRISD did with the feedback

Research teams used the feedback to inform the final round of revisions of the report. We will continue to draw on inputs to shape institutional thinking and research moving forward.

Policy Innovations for Transformative Change

Download the full report at www.unrisd.org/flagship2016

The 2016 Flagship Report is part of UNRISD’s contribution to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Knowledge institutions such as UNRISD have a key role to play: we bring to the table the kind of integrated and evidence-based policy advice and thought leadership that help shape the progressive policy and normative agendas at the heart of our shared commitment to equitable, inclusive and sustainable development for all people. Research evidence and analysis can also incite countries to take bolder decisions of the kind that will be necessary to achieve the transformative outcomes of the SDGs.