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List of authors and abstracts of papers

  • Project from: 2000 to 2001

Theme One:The Social Construction of Race and Citizenship

George Fredrickson, The Social Construction of Race and Citizenship in the United States

Bernard Magubane, The Social Construction of Race and Citizenship in South Africa

Vijay Prashad, Cataracts of Silence: Race on the Edge of Indian Thought

Marisol de la Cadena, The Racial Politics of Culture and Silent Racism in Latin America: A Case Study of Peru

Lily Zubaida Rahim, Race, Discrimination and Citizenship in South East Asia

Kwesi Prah, Race, Discrimination and Citizenship in the Afro-Arab Borderlands

Theme Two: The Social Dynamics of Racism and Inequalities

Sheldon Danziger and Deborah Reed, Poverty and Prosperity: Have Racial/Ethnic Minorities Been Left Behind in the United States?

Khoo Boo Teik, Economic Crisis and the Politics of Race Relations in South East Asia

Guy Mhone, Labour Market Segmentation and Race Relations in Southern Africa

Sam Moyo, Land Distribution and the Politics of Race Relations in Southern Africa

Diego Iturralde, Land Distribution and the Politics of Race Relations in Latin America

Jeroen Doomernik, Immigration, Multiculturalism and the European Nation State

Ray Jureidini, Migrant Workers, Racism and Xenophobia in the Middle East

Theme Three:Organized Responses to Cultural Diversity

Manning Marable, Structural Racism and US Democracy: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement

Hans-Georg Betz, Exclusionary Populism in Western Europe: A Threat to Democracy and Civil Rights?

Tom Lodge, Political Parties, Civil Rights Movements and Racism in South Africa

Hajo Funke, Anti-Racist Movements and Public Policies in Western Democracies

Theme Four:The Impact of Public Policies on Race Relations

Ralph Premdas, Ethno-Racial Divisions and Governance: The Problem of Institutional Reform and Adaptation

Benjamin Bowling, Coretta Phillips, Alexandra Campbell and Maria Docking, Policing and Human Rights: Eliminating Discrimination, Xenophobia, Intolerance and the Abuse of Power from Policework

Neville Alexander, Language, Education and Race Relations

Kum Kum Bhavnani, Race, Women and Public Policy in the United States and United Kingdom

Tracey McIntosh, Contested Realities: Race, Gender and Public Policy in New Zealand

Jane Bennett, Gender, Race and Public Policy in South Africa

Varnellia Randall, Race, Health Care and the Law: Regulating Racial Discrimination in Health Care

Robert Bullard, Confronting Environmental Racism in the Twenty First Century

Glenn Loury, Racial Justice and Affirmative Action Policies: The Superficial Morality of Color-Blindness in the United States

Jomo K. Sundaram, The Economics and Politics of Affirmative Action Policies in Malaysia

Antonio Guimaraes, Racial Inequalities, Black Protest and Public Policies in Brazil

Renosi Mokate, Redistributive Policies, Anti-Poverty Programmes and Race Relations in South Africa